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Part Of The High Country Gardens Waterwise Plants Learning Center

Get This Look: Waterwise Yard Ideas 

Discover waterwise garden design ideas for any part of your yard - front yard, back yard, patio planting, hellstrip, side yard, or even a complete yard transformation. All of these waterwise gardens are grown by High Country Gardens customers!

waterwise front yard garden

Waterwise Front Yard Garden

Say goodbye to your thirsty turf lawn, and say hello to a Waterwise yard bursting with color and texture. This garden beautifully repeats swaths of color throughout the yard. Clusters of warm yellow and orange flowers harmonize with pink, red, and purple blooms. The dense planting and variety of foliage textures and flower forms brings the composition to life.

Photo by our customer Amanda in Denver, Colorado.

waterwise front yard garden with dog

Waterwise Back Yard Garden

Make your backyard a dreamy waterwise oasis. Trees, cacti, and ornamental grasses provide sculptural plant material that give the garden year-round interest. Flowers provide pops of color to carry your eye through the spectacular composition. Plus, this landscape incorporates stonework, and sculpture to give the garden structure. The pathways give people and pets a great way to engage with the garden.

Ryan Harter backyard in Colorado

Waterwise Patio Planting

A patio is the perfect place for waterwise plants. Creeping groundcovers planted evenly among flagstones and gravel edging will gently spread to fill the spaces with evergreen foliage. When they’re in bloom, you can enjoy an extra pop of color and attract pollinators, too. At the edges, taller ornamental grasses add privacy screening and will move gently in the breeze. This simple, low-maintenance combination will make for a relaxing outdoor space.

Chelsea Menon - Parkstrip, hellstrip Spanish Fork, UT

Waterwise Hellstrip Garden

Amp up your curb appeal with a colorful waterwise planting! Hellstrips - also called park strips, inferno strips, or simply sidewalk gardens - are hot, dry, harsh places to plant. Fortunately, High Country Gardens offers hundreds of plants that thrive in those very conditions.

This planting was inspired by our Soft Colors Inferno Strip Pre-Planned Garden, featuring a harmonious color palette of pink and purple blooms, and a lovely combination of gently mounding plants. 

Ann Kendall's Gardens. Denver, CO suburb

Waterwise Side Yard Garden

Tired of mowing that narrow space between your driveway and the neighbor’s yard? These homeowners removed the grass entirely from their side yard, and replaced it with a raised garden bed.

This sophisticated garden features a beautiful array of nectar-rich blooms that draw bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to the yard. Sunny yellow blooms complement rich violet and magenta flower spikes, while the mix of airy plant forms makes this eye-catching garden a bright spot in the neighborhood. 

Garden by our customer, Anne K. in Denver, Colorado.

Kelly Marchall back yard meadow

Waterwise Large Space Yard Transformation

Take inspiration from wildflower meadows for your large-scale garden or lawn replacement. Shrubs and ornamental grasses create structure and anchor the garden, creating a feeling of shelter and privacy. Adding a flowering vine can provide additional privacy screening as well.

In this yard, low-growing and low-maintenance wildflowers and perennials add gentle pops of color across the yard. The minimal color palette helps create a calm, serene feel in this yard.

Photo by our customer, Kelly M. in Northern California.

Part Of The High Country Gardens Waterwise Plants Learning Center

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