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Sedum Autumn Fire (Stonecrop) Achillea Moonshine (Yarrow) Blue Woolly Speedwell (Veronica) Coconino County Desert Beardtongue (Penstemon) Salvia sylvestris May Night (Meadow Sage) Agastache Ava (Hummingbird Mint) Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Grass (Bouteloua gracilis) Lacey Blue Russian Sage (Perovskia) Royal Candles Speedwell (Veronica) Luminous Pineleaf Beardtongue (Penstemon) Nepeta faassenii Select Blue (Catmint) Hummingbird Mint Hyssop Collection (Agastache) View All Perennials

Sustainable Lawns

Grow It, Don't Mow It: Replace Your Lawn Find The Perfect Lawn For You
DOG TUFFTM GRASS Shop Our Best Seller
Waterwise Plants - Less Water - Less Wor! Waterwise Perennials Less water, less money,
less work...more blooms!

For over 25 years, we've tested, bred and cultivated the most water-thrifty, durable, unique and colorful plants available anywhere. Once established, our waterwise plants use less water and you'll expend less effort maintaining your garden.

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Salvia Plants Salvia | Sage
  • Long-blooming and easy to care for.
  • Attract hummingbirds and butterflies.
  • Foliage is sweetly aromatic and deer resistant.
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Beardtongue | Penstemon Penstemon | Beardtongue
  • Water-thrifty, low-maintenance.
  • Prefer hot, sunny, dry conditions.
  • Tubular flowers attract hummingbirds.
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Agastache | Hummingbird Mint Agastache | Hummingbird Mint
  • Superb hummingbird plants.
  • Thrive in hot, sunny conditions.
  • Fragrant and deer resistant.
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Penstemon Hummingbird
Invite Nature To Your Garden

Hummingbirds are great learners and will remember favorite plants over the years. They love the nectar provided by native plants--If they come once, they'll return!

Proud to support the Hummingbird Society, Audubon Rockies' Habitat Hero program and

Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Grass

The unique, horizontal blond seed heads look particularly beautiful when soft breezes sway them to and fro. Easy-to-grow, native, low maintenance and water-thrifty—it’s the perfect grass for any garden. Our highest-rated ornamental grass.

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Maiden Hair Grass

A superb selection of Chinese Maidenhair grass that blooms with a massive display of copper colored flowers in late summer. The seed heads age to white giving the grass a wonderful look in fall and early winter.

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Ornamental Grass

Ornamental Grass

Create a sustainable, low-water landscape by mass-planting Ornamental Grasses. End result: an easy-care garden with a dramatic, unified look.

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Silver Spike Grass

Our 2006 Plant of the Year. Showy silver-green flower spikes turn to a rich tawny brown in fall. This grass has four-season interest and is worthy of being set apart as a garden focal point.

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Jumbo Waterwise Pre-Planned Garden

This garden is ideal for hot, sunny problem areas. Colorful, long-blooming and water-thrifty. Rabbit- and deer-resistant, too!

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Pre-Planned Gardens

Gardening Made Easy

Our professionally designed Pre-Planned Gardens take the planning and worry out of gardening. Long-blooming and beautiful, each garden comes with a planting map and care guide. We've done everything for you but dig the hole!

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Professional Garden Design Tips

Expert tips on planning your garden with professional-looking results. Easy strategies on choosing a mix of perennials, ornamental grasses and groundcovers.

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Habitat Hero Pre-Planned Garden

A delight for gardeners who enjoy attracting birds to their yards. A carefully selected mix of 15 perennials, shrubs and ornamental grasses to support songbirds, hummingbirds and pollinators.

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Garden Favorites
Wildflower Seed Promo Cosmos Seeds Wildflower Seeds

Grow it, don't mow it! Now is the time to plant wildflowers and mow less. Wildflowers can also boost your veggie garden harvest.

Read: It's Easy To Plant Wildflower Seeds Read: The Miracle Of Seeds
Spring-Planted Bulbs Promo Millennium Sunrise Bearded Iris Bearded Iris

The Bearded Iris are a showy group of easy-care perennials. These tough beauties have large, colorful flowers in a huge array of solid and bi-colored combinations.

Read: Bearded Iris-Great Falls of Color Read: Growing Bearded Iris In The Waterwise Garden

High Country Gardens: Our Story

Pioneers in Sustainable Gardening

At High Country Gardens we offer plants, products and information that support long-term ecological balance and builds and sustains the love of gardening for generations to come. Our mission is to improve the earth one garden at a time.

Eco-Friendly Gardening & Native Plants:

We’ve addressed the growing needs for water conservation and environmentally-friendly gardening practices by developing an incredible selection of waterwise and native plants. Our plants are chosen for their hardiness, beauty and their support of habitat creation.

Unique Plant Varieties:

We have built our reputation by developing and offering unique plant hybrids that you cannot find elsewhere. Many of our varieties have been exclusively developed by our Founder & Chief Horticulturist, David Salman, the 2008 American Horticultural Society’s Great American Gardener award winner.

Drought Resistant Plants:

We are especially known for our xeric plants, that need minimal water and care once established. Xeriscaping, the practice of landscaping with drought-tolerant plants, has spread beyond just the Southwest and many of our low-water perennials will thrive nationwide.

Our Story

“HCG is even better than before, and their highly responsive and thorough customer service is the main reason I am a loyal customer! The plants are wonderful, but the people who stand behind them are even more so!”

lopesgw, Rio Rancho, NM
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