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Growing Tigridia (Tiger Flowers/Mexican Shell Flower)

by High Country Gardens

Growing Tigridia or Mexican Shell Flower
Similar to a day lily, the flowers open one at a time and last for a day. There are many flower stalks so you are assured a lovely bloom time of several weeks.

Growing Tigridia: Getting Started

Growing Tigridia is easy, and provides eye-popping results in the garden when mid-to late summer arrives.

  • Plant Tiger Flower Bulbs, also commonly known as Mexican Shell Flower (Tigridia pavonia), in well-drained soil in a full sun location. Strong afternoon sun is a plus. They may also be planted in containers./li>
  • Plant the Tiger Flower Bulbs 2-3 inches deep, 4-5 inches apart and water well. Growing to 12-18 inches tall, we recommend planting in groups of 5-6 bulbs for an eye-catching display.
  • Plant them among low-growing flowering perennials; this supports the delicate stems of the Tigridia and gives you a nice combination. Try it with some of the low-growing ornamental grasses, Saponaria, or pop it in between Lavender, Agastache or as a garden border.
  • Growing Tigridia: After Season Care

    Growing Tigridia creates beautiful results in the garden
    Growing Tigridia creates beautiful results in the garden.
    • Once you’ve planted your groupings, water well and keep the soil somewhat moist as they grow. Being happy with average moisture, they’re a bit more tolerant of drier soil.
    • Hardy in zones 8-10, they can be grown as annuals in zones 2-7.

    Traditionally the roots were eaten by the Aztec people of Mexico who appreciated its chestnut-like flavor. They called it Cacomitl, Jaguar Flower. Whether it reminds you of a tiger, jaguar, shell or peacock, Tigridia is a rising star for exotic presence in the garden.

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