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Amaryllis & Paperwhites: Indoor Color for Winter and Early Spring

The wonderfully bright, long-lasting blooms that Amaryllis and Paperwhites produce are undoubtedly some of the most joyous parts of the colder months. Growing indoor blooms is a wonderful experience, and both novice and expert gardeners can appreciate the breath of life that comes in colorful waves during winter. These easy-to-grow bulbs are also a thoughtful gift for any friend or loved one. See some customer reviews of favorite Amaryllis and Paperwhite varieties below!


Amaryllis are easy to grow and can become a household plant for years of enjoyment. After they are finished blooming this winter, they can be grown outside for the summer months before being brought inside to re-bloom next winter. 

Charisma Amaryllis
Charisma Amaryllis

"INCREDIBLE! I bought three for me, two to give as Christmas gifts. All produced heavily. Mine bore 16 spectacular blooms! The gift recipients had similar results and just raved. Now my bulb is outside growing big beautiful leaves and getting ready to produce again. I can't wait!!"

TaosJuice, Taos, NM


Paperwhites are related to Daffodils (Narcissus). These flowers bring the look and fragrance of spring blooms indoors over the winter months. Cheerful Paperwhites will brighten your home in the depths of winter!

Ziva Paperwhite (Indoor Daffodils)
Ziva Paperwhite

"I thought something growing in doors would be a mood lifter. It became a focal point of watching how fast it grew and the wonderful smell from the blooms. It's a very easy growing plant and something that will last for seasons to come. I highly recommend it."

Babs, Brandon, MS

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Thank you for your interest in High Country Gardens! We no longer offer Amaryllis and Paperwhite bulbs. However, you can find Amaryllis and Paperwhite bulbs and indoor growing kits for sale seasonally at our sister company, American Meadows

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