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Order & Shipping Information  

Where is my order?  

Track Your Order Here. You will need the email address and billing address used to place your order.  

We provide you with an estimated ship week based on your USDA hardiness zone. Your ship week will be found on the checkout page and your order confirmation email. We also send a shipping confirmation email when your order is on its way to you.   

Shipping Information  

  • Our perennials, bulbs, and grass plugs are shipped during spring and fall seasons, based on the right time to plant them.
  • We ship wildflower seeds and lawn seeds year-round.
  • For more information, please visit our Shipping Information page for details about our shipping schedules.
  • Learn More: How Our Plants Are Shipped.

What do I do when my order arrives? 

We ship our bulbs and perennials to you at the ideal time to plant in your area, so it is best to plant as soon as you can after arrival. This way it will give them the best chance to acclimate and establish in your garden.

Live goods, such as perennials, bare roots, and bulbs, should be planted within the same season they are received and cannot be guaranteed if they are stored for an extended period of time.

See our planting guides for helpful tips: High Country Gardens Planting Guides  

Tips For Storing Seeds 

Wildflower and lawn seeds can be stored until the right time to plant. Store them in an airtight container, in a room-temperature area. A dark closet or room is the perfect storage area – just make sure that the seed is not exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures.

Seed will keep like this for months and maintain a high germination rate. 

How do I place a new order?  

You can place your order one of two ways:

  1. We accept orders online here on easy-to-use website, where your order can be paid for using either a major credit card or PayPal.
  2. We also accept orders by phone, where one of our helpful gardeners can assist you in placing your order.  We cannot accept PayPal by phone, and we are currently not accepting payments by check.

When will my card be charged?  

Your card will be charged at the time of purchase. This is the standard practice for mail-order gardening businesses, in order to reserve your plants, bulbs, and seeds in our inventory until it’s time to ship. 

What Credit Cards do you accept?  

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  PayPal can be used for online orders only.   

I have a store credit. How do I redeem it?  

To redeem your store credit, please place your order over the phone with our Customer Service department. Give us a call at (801) 769-0300.   

How do I add or make changes to my order?  

You can add items to or remove items from your order up to a week before your order ships. When adding an item to your order, you have the advantage of paying no additional shipping charges.

The only way to add to an order at this time is to  contact Customer Service for assistance. Our team will add the requested items to your order, confirm the additional charge, and then send you an email with the updates to your order.

Note: if you originally used PayPal when placing your order, a credit card will be required to process payment for added items

Our Guarantee  

When you purchase from High Country Gardens, you are supported by decades of trusted experience and our Toughest Plants Guarantee. Please see  Our Guarantee for details. 

Cancellations & Returns 

Please follow these guidelines for cancellation and return requests:

  • If your order is set to ship immediately, you will not be able to cancel once the order is placed.
  • For pre-orders with a ship week scheduled later in the season, you must request to cancel one week prior to the start of your ship week. Requests made less than one week before the first day of your scheduled ship week will not guarantee cancellation.
  • Live goods, including perennials, bare roots, and bulbs, cannot be returned.
  • We accept returns of bulk seeds and hard goods within 30 days of receipt. These will need to be returned in sellable condition at the customer’s expense.

What’s On Sale? Do You Have Coupons?  

Here are three ways to find the best deals at High Country Gardens:

  1. Click the “Offers” tab on our navigation bar
  2. Shop all plants, seeds, and bulbs  On Sale Now
  3. Sign up for our emails here to get a coupon for your first order, and to be notified of our latest sales.

We cannot honor coupons that are generated by third party sites.

Managing Your High Country Gardens Account  

How do I create an account?  

  1. Click on the Account tab in our navigation bar.
    • On a desktop or laptop computer, the Account tab will be in the top right corner of the website, next to your shopping cart. 
    • On a mobile device, the Account tab will be at the bottom right corner of the website.
  2. Once the dialog box pops up, click “Sign Up” below the log in button.

You can also create an account at checkout when you place an order.

*Please note: You must sign in to your account before you place an order, to make sure that all of your orders are recorded in your account. 

How do I track my order without an account?  

Track Your Order Here. You will need the email and billing address used for your order.   

I have an account, why can’t I see all of my orders?  

If you were not signed into your account at the time that you placed your order, that order will not be reflected in your account when you log in.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a way to add an order to your account if it was placed when you were not logged in.  

Can I change my account email?  

You cannot update the email address on your customer account. Our system uses email addresses to determine your customer file and order history. If you have a new email address, you will need to create a new customer account with the new email address.   

How do I reset my password?  

  1. If you are attempting to log in, and you enter the wrong password, the log in dialog box will pop up and ask you “Did you forget your password?”
  2. Click that link, and follow the instructions. You will receive an email that will assist you in resetting your password.

Growing & Gardening Questions

Where do I start?  

If you are new to gardening, we are here to help! Our learning centers include helpful guides and inspiration to help you dig in.

What is a USDA Hardiness Zone?  

Knowing your zone is critical before selecting plants because it allows you to purchase plants that will survive the extremes of the summer and winter months in your climate. Learn more and Find Your Zone Here.  

Do you offer landscape design services?  

We do not currently offer landscape design services but are happy to help you narrow down our plant selection online.   
We also offer Pre-Planned Gardens, which include perennial plants and a convenient garden layout map to show you where to plant each perennial.   
We also offer a selection of perennial collections, which are a grouping of plants that solve a gardening challenge but do not come with a garden map, for those that like to plan their own plantings.     

What does deer resistant or rabbit resistant mean?  

Plants that we have given the designation of deer or rabbit resistant mean that that they are less likely to be eaten by these animals. They may have natural defenses like fragrant oils or bitter compounds in their leaves. See our guide to Choosing Deer Resistant Plants.

Deer resistant and rabbit resistant advantages do not guarantee that the plants will not be eaten by critters.  Wildlife browsing habits change from region to region and season to season.  Environmental conditions such as drought, fire, or new development can have dramatic and unpredictable effects on wildlife feeding habits. Animals are also more likely to eat tender new growth, which is why it is always important to protect recent transplants until they are established. Younger animals may also be more likely to “sample” plants they haven’t tried before, and while damaging the plant once, may never touch it again.

See our guide for 7 Strategies For Preventing Deer Damage In The Garden.

Product & Company Information  

Where are you located?  

Our greenhouse, where we care for and ship our plants, is in Utah. We partner with several growers across the country to provide you with top quality plants.  Our office headquarters and seed warehouse are in Vermont. 

Are your products organic?  

No, our products are not certified organic. All of our wildflower seeds are neo-nicotinoid-free and non-GMO. 

Can I use your images or articles?  

For all media and press-related inquiries, including requests for high-res images, interviews, use of images or articles, and other information to publish online or in print, please fill out our Media Inquiry Form.  


We believe in Doing Good Through Gardening. We will review your donation request and let you know if we can help support your cause. Please complete our Donation Request Form.