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A back yard at a home in the Southwest, in New Mexico, featuring waterwise plants including Helianthus, ornamental grasses, perovskia, and chrysothamnus.

Sustainability Begins In Your Backyard

High Country Gardens was founded with a mission to make sustainable gardening accessible to every gardener, and we believe the natural world needs champions now more than ever. We're your source for expert advice, a passionate community, and plants that are beautiful, resilient, and beneficial to a healthy ecosystem.  Explore our helpful resources below to inspire your sustainable yard transformation.

Together we can make a difference, one garden at a time. 

Inspiration For Your Sustainable Yard Transformation

Drought resistant garden

This Colorado gardener transformed her front yard into a colorful pollinator paradise.

Thyme lawn

Water restrictions inspired this no-mow lawn at a beautiful New Mexico home.

Dog on Dog Tuff Lawn

Trade in your thirsty turf for a no-mow low-water lawn where you (and your pets) can walk and play.

How To Choose The Right Plants

Phenomenal Lavender and Bee

Learn which Lavenders are best suited to your growing conditions.

Veronica and flagstones

Which groundcovers are best for pathways and alternative lawns? 

Yellow Columbine

Brighten up your garden with our most popular perennials for shade. 

Marian Sampson Scarlet Monardella

Discover David Salman's top picks for resilient and beautiful native perennials.

High Country Gardens Growing Guides

Hummingbird and Hummingbird Mint

Tough love is the key for these fragrant favorites. 

Lavender | Lavendula

 Learn how to plant, prune, and feed Lavender plants.

Raspberry Delight Salvia

Tips for growing both Old World and native cultivars.

Cold Hardy Delosperma

Helpful tips for this colorful cold-hardy succulent.

Honoring The Legacy of David Salman

David Salman

Learn more about the legacy and impact of the founder of High Country Gardens.

mass planting of Agastache

Discover the story behind David Salman's favorite Agastache introductions.

Painted Lady Butterfly & Liatris

David's advice on gardening for wildlife in waterwise landscapes.

David in the Greenhouse

Get helpful planting tips, and learn more about our unique plants.