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High Country Gardens Planting Guides

Thank you for buying your plants from High Country Gardens! For decades, we’ve been growing and gardening with perennial plants in the challenging high desert climate. Our planting guides feature the best tried-and-true techniques for successfully transplanting and growing our hearty plants. 


Watch and learn from David Salman, Founder of High Country Gardens.


Growing Guides For Perennials

Bright yellow Chrysothamnus shrub (Rabbitbrush) in bloom

8 Tips For Growing Healthy Shrubs & Trees


How To Grow Cold Hardy Cacti & Succulents

Asclepias root bundle

How To Care For Dormant Plants

Raspberry Delight Salvia in peak bloom

How To Grow Sage

Lavender aungustifolia mass planted

How To Grow Lavender

A hummingbird sips nectar from an agastache flower

How To Grow Hummingbird Mint

How To Grow Milkweed & Butterfly Weed

Pallida variegata Bearded Irises in bloom

How To Grow Bearded Iris
Iris germanica

Nepeta lines the sidewalk in front of a beautiful home and perennial garden

How To Grow Catmint

 Fernbush (Chamaebatiaria millefolium

How To Grow Fernbush

Jacob Cline bright red bee balm (monarda) flowers

How To Grow Bee Balm

Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium) in bloom

How To Grow Joe Pye Weed

Coconino County Penstemon in the garden. Photo by Emmis Oure.

How To Grow Beardtongue

Gardeners enjoy growing Pulsatilla (Pasque Flowers) for their fabulous early spring blooms. Rosen Pasque Flower

How To Pasque Flower

Growing Guides For Fall-Planted Bulbs

Saffron flowers in bloom in fall

How To Grow Saffron

Grape Hyacinth flowers paired with a daffodil

How To Grow Grape Hyacinth

Purple flowers of Hyacinth "Miss Saigon"

How To Grow Hyacinth

Crocus Flowers

How To Grow Crocus

Growing Guides For Spring-Planted Bulbs

White Casa Blanca Oriental Lily

How To Grow Asiatic & Oriental Lilies

Red and Orange Callas

How To Grow Calla Lilies

Red Nuit D'ete Cactus Dahlia

How To Grow Dahlias

LIght pink Gladiolus blooms in a perennial garden with Agastache

How To Grow Gladiolus

Cannasol™ Happy Wilma® Canna Lily

How To Grow Cannas

White Foxtail Lilies (Eremerus)

How To Grow Foxtail Lilies

Mexican Shell Flower (Tigridia pavonia)

How To Grow Mexican Shell Flower

Have questions about waterwise gardening? Our team is happy to help.

More Resources From High Country Gardens

A waterwise garden fills the yard in front of a beautiful home

Visit Our Sustainable Backyard Learning Center

Hardy Plumbago

Recommended Plants For Shade & Part Shade

Xeric Garden

How To Create Well-Drained Soil For Waterwise Plants

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