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Check out our expert gardening videos!

Watch and learn from the David Salman, Founder and Chief Horticulturist at High Country Gardens, who has spent over three decades in pursuit of better plants for eco-friendly landscapes. David provides all the planting and care information you'll need for a successful garden. You'll also find more videos on our product pages. Enjoy!

General Planting | Watering Videos

Planting Perennials: Everything You Need To Know
How To Water New Transplants
How To Plant A Pre-Planned Garden
Watering Tips
How To Amend Soil For New Transplants
How We Grow Our Plants
Soil Amendments and Fall Fertilizing
Light Requirements For Plants

Care Info

Growing Agastache
Benefits of Yum Yum Mix and Yum Yum Winterizer
Growing Lavender
Deadheading Catmint
Growing Penstemon
Ornamental Grass Care Tips
Growing Salvia
Fall Care For Cold Hardy Cacti

Learning With David

The Difference Between Big Box Stores and Our Plants
Creating Butterfly Gardens
A Few Words About GMOs
Horticulture Definitions
Meet David Salman