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A large perennial garden with nepeta, coreopsis, echinacea, columbine, kniphofia, and more!

Beautiful Waterwise Transformations

Sustainability Begins In Your Backyard

These High Country Gardeners have filled their yards with resilient wildflowers, pollinator-friendly perennials, and waterwise lawn alternatives. We hope their success will inspire your sustainable yard transformation. Read on to learn more about their process and, of course, their planting lists!

Customer Garden: Replacing A Bluegrass Lawn With Bold Color In Boise

With the goals of saving water and supporting pollinators, Matthew and Pascale replaced their entire front yard with colorful flowers, groundcovers, and ornamental grasses, for a new front yard with curb appeal and personality.

Customer Garden: Growing A Thyme Lawn

To save water and create a low-maintenance landscape, Vic and Barb opted for resilient Pink Chintz Thyme to replace their traditional turf lawn. Almost two decades later, their carpet-like mat of color is still thriving, as water restrictions continue.

An English-Inspired Wildscape Garden In Northern Texas

Rajesh J. transformed his classic suburban lawn into a breathtaking pollinator paradise. This garden earned Texas Wildscape Certification!

A Drought-Resistant Garden From Scratch In Fort Collins, Colorado

When Mary R. moved to her new home, she was so committed to not having a lawn, that she sold her lawnmower! This garden takes inspiration from a local botanic garden.

Shop Beautiful Waterwise Perennials

Wildscape Gardening With A Pond In Colorado

Larry and his wife, Janie, in Fort Collins, CO designed around a large pond. Their gardens earned National Wildlife Federation Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certification. 

 Waterwise Parkstrip Planting In Utah Inspired By Soft Colors

Inspired by our Soft Colors Inferno Strip Pre-Planned Garden, Chelsea and her family flipped the strip and turned their traditional turf front yard into a colorful pollinator oasis.

Pre-Planned Gardens Make Garden Design Easy

Feeling inspired to transform your yard - but now sure where to start? Pre-Planned Gardens make it easy to bring professional garden design to your home! Each waterwise garden includes a layout map to make planting simple.

A Neighborhood Native Garden In Denver, Colorado

Jason B. killed his Kentucky Bluegrass lawn and replaced it with waterwise native plants to attract pollinators, inspired by rain gardens and moonlight gardens.

A Habitat Hero Wildscape In Boulder

Linda in Boulder, CO transformed her yard to meet the goals of the Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero program. Her garden features a beautiful array of waterwise perennials. 

Dog Tuff, A Sustainable Lawn Solution

Katie D. shares her success story with planting Dog Tuff Grass Plugs at her home in Castle Rock, Colorado. She removed her high-maintenance Bluegrass lawn and replaced it with a low-mow, low-water lawn to conserve water and reduce mowing needs.

 How A Denver Neighborhood Achieved Habitat Hero Certification From Audubon Rockies

Pam and her neighbors took on an ambitious project that transformed her neighborhood into a resilient, beautiful, and waterwise habitat. 

Share Your Beautiful Waterwise Transformation

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