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Shipping Methods & Planting Info

Your plant order will arrive at your door, fresh and ready to plant. We use UPS and the US Post Office to ship our orders. Plants are grown in New Mexico, Utah and Colorado and ship from our Denver greenhouse. Grass plug orders ship from Nebraska; Wildflower and grass seed orders ship from Vermont. (We can only ship wildflower seeds, seed packets and hardgoods to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. We're sorry, but plants or bulbs cannot be shipped to locations outside the continental United States.)

You will be notified by email when your plants are ready to ship. Plant orders usually arrive within 2-6 days (or less) of leaving our Denver greenhouses, depending on shipping address. We pack our plants to withstand up to 10 days in transit, in the unlikely event of a delay. We cannot guarantee arrival on a specific day.

Open your box right away after receiving it. Refer to our Planting Guide for guidance on successfully transplanting your new plants.

Merchandise Shipping Charge
Seed Packets Ship Free
Up to $4.99 $4.99
$5 to $9.99 $6.99
$10 – 19.99 $8.99
$20 – 29.99 $9.99
$30 – 59.99 $11.99
$60 – 99.99 $13.99
Greater than $100 15%

Spring-Planted Bulbs and Perennials

Spring-planted bulbs and Spring-planted perennials will start shipping the week of February 29, based on ground temperatures, warmest zones first. Spring shipping runs through June 30, 2019. If you wish to have your plants ship earlier than suggested for your zone, please contact customer service.

Non-Plant Merchandise

Garden goods, soil amendments, gifts and books ship all year long. In the months of July, August, November, December and February, they will ship twice weekly from our Denver Greenhouse on Mondays and Thursdays. During spring and fall planting season, non-plant merchandise ships daily from Denver.

If you have more questions please feel free to call us at (800) 925-9387 (M-F 7 am -5 pm) or by email.

Zone Spring Shipping Dates
3 - 4 May 16 - June 30
5 May 2 - June 30
6 April 11 - June 21
7 March 28 - May 31
8 March 7 - June 17
9 - 11 February 29 - May 10

Bearded Iris, Saffron Crocus, Fall-Planted Bulbs, Lilies and Amaryllis

Bearded Iris and Saffron Crocus begin shipping in mid-August and will continue through early October, depending on zone. Fall-Planted Bulbs (Tulips, Daffodils, etc.) will ship September 17 through December 31, 2018. Amaryllis bulbs begin shipping in mid-october. Our Fall-planted Bulbs are grown in the Netherlands, arriving at our growing centers in early fall and will ship to you at the perfect time for fall planting in your area.

Zone Fall Bulb Shipping Dates
3 - 4 Sept. 17 – Dec. 31
5 Sept. 17 – Dec. 31
6 Sept. 24 – Dec. 31
7 Oct.8 – Dec. 31
8 Oct. 8 – Dec. 31
9 - 11 Oct.1 – Dec. 31

Fall-Planted Perennials

Fall-planted Perennials will start shipping the first week of September, coolest zones first. Fall shipping for perennials runs through November 5 for Fall-Planted Perennials. If you wish to have your plants ship earlier than suggested for your zone, please contact customer service.
Click here to find your USDA Planting Zone.

Zone Fall Perennial Shipping Dates
3 - 4 Sept. 4 – Nov. 5
5 Sept. 10 – Nov. 5
6 Sept. 24 – Nov. 5
7 Oct. 1 – Nov. 5
8 Oct. 1 – Nov. 5
9 - 12 Oct. 8 – Nov. 5

Grass Plugs

Shipping for grass plugs begins February 26, based on zone. Shipping concludes Sept. 1 - Nov. 1, depending on zone.

Buffalo Grass Plugs are shipped within 5-8 business days.

Click here to find your USDA Planting Zone.

Wildflower Seed and Grass Seed

Wildflower Seed and Grass Seed orders are shipped within 5 business days.

Zone Grass Plug Suggested Ship Week
2 May 14 - Aug. 6
3 May 7 - Aug. 13
4 April 30 - Sept. 3
5 April 30 - Sept. 10
6 April 16 - Sept. 17
7 April 2 - Oct. 1
8 March 12 - Oct. 8
9 March 5 - Oct. 15
10-12 Feb. 26 - Oct 29

About Our Plants

  • All our plants are grown in pots. We don't sell or recommend bare-root perennials or shrubs for planting in harsh western climates, with the exception of Daylilies and plants grown from tubers or bulbs, such as Bearded Iris. Learn more: How Our Plants Ship
  • Our potted plants arrive fully rooted, healthy and take off fast! Plant them as soon as possible. Occasionally a plant will ship dormant (sleeping). Plant it right away with your other plants. Dormant plants do best waking up in the garden as soil temperatures warm. Learn more about Dormant Plants.
  • Our plant pot sizes are shown at right. Most of our plants are sold in Premium 5" deep (1.5 pint volume) pots, unless otherwise noted in the plant description. Other sizes are 2.5" standard pots (3.25" deep) and 2.25" cactus pots. Our pots have been specially designed as the optimal size for propagating water-thrifty plants. They are vigorous and will take off quickly in your garden, usually outgrowing plants sold in gallon containers.

Shipping plants to our customers


Your advance order allows us to make growing commitments for our perennial nurseries and Dutch bulb growers. As has been traditional in the mail-order business for many years, your credit card is charged when you place your order through our secure servers. This allows us to accurately project inventory. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

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