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An Outstanding Waterwise Perennial Garden in Texas

Before & After: Share Your Waterwise Lawn or Garden Transformation

You've worked hard to prepare your soil, map your plantings, and grow a beautiful waterwise landscape. Now it's time to show off! We love to see success stories from our customers across the country featuring High Country Gardens plants. 

You can see some of our favorite garden transformations, including the garden featured at the top of this page, in our article: Outstanding Customer Landscapes

Submit your story and your photos using the form below. We look forward to seeing your photos and learning about your process. If we publish your story on our site, we'll reward you with a High Country Gardens Gift Certificate!

Here are a few questions to consider to help tell your story:

  • What inspired you to plant a waterwise lawn or garden? 
  • What plant varieties are included in this planting?
  • Was this your first time creating a lawn or garden like this, or do you have experience?
  • What are your favorite plants? 
  • Do you have any tips for other waterwise gardeners?

(A quick note: This form is designed as an opportunity to share before and after photos of established gardens, and is sent to the marketing team for review. If you have questions or concerns about your plants, please contact our Customer Service team for support!)