Sustainable Lawn Solutions

Sustainable Lawn Solutions

To choose the best plants for your garden, use our filters at left.

To choose the best plants for your garden, use our filters below.

Sustainable Lawn Solutions

To choose the best plants for your garden, use our filters at left.

To choose the best plants for your garden, use our filters below.

Sustainable Lawn Solutions

Our low-growing, low-water grasses will fill the areas in your yard where you want a durable space to walk and play. It's time to ditch your traditional turf! A lush drought-resistant lawn will help you conserve water, cut back on mowing, and reduce maintenance. 

Sustainability Begins In Your Backyard

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Give Your Lawn A Head Start

Our low-growing, low-water grass plugs require minimal mowing. Varieties include Dog Tuff Grass, Buffalo Grass, Sedge Grass, Bluegrass, and Grama Grass.

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Conserve Water & Reduce Mowing

Our Low Work and Water Grass Seed and No Mow Lawn Grass Seed require mowing once a month at most. Native grass seeds restore habitat in your yard.

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Plants For A No-Mow Solution

Lawn alternatives that never need mowing, perennial groundcovers create a carpet of color and texture. Good for shaded areas and pollinator-friendly lawns.

Enjoy all the benefits of lush green grass without compromising on your values for a sustainable landscape. A grass lawn looks beautiful and provides the perfect surface to walk on, where kids can run and pets can play.

As pioneers in sustainable gardening for over 25 years, High Country Gardens is your source for a range of waterwise lawn solutions, including grass plugs and grass seeds that are drought tolerant, hardy, and low maintenance. With a sustainable lawn, you’ll conserve water, reduce mowing and maintenance, save time and money – all while enjoying your outdoor space more than ever. Fall in love with your new lawn! 

Comfortable, Waterwise, Resilient: All About Dog Tuff Grass

Sustainable Lawns Comparison Chart

Compare grass seeds and grass plugs to find the right lawn to meet your unique growing conditions. See each product page for details, including a map of each product’s recommended planting range.

Warm season grasses are best planted after the last spring frost through late summer. Cool season grasses are best planted in mid-spring to early summer, or late summer to early fall, to avoid peak summer heat.

Sustainable Lawn Solution Annual Water Required Light  Warm vs. Cool Season Height Mowing Traffic Tolerance Grass At A Glance
Dog Tuff™ Grass Plugs Xeric: 15-20" Full Sun Warm 2.5-4" tall 0-6 times/year High Favored by pet owners for its durability and resistance to patching. Dense and soft underfoot, highly weed resistant. Zones 5-10. 
Legacy Buffalo Grass Plugs Xeric: 6-10" Full Sun Warm 4-6" tall 0-4 times/year Moderate Best for colder northern states. A low, drought-tolerant alternative to traditional turf. Zones 3-9. 
Prestige Buffalo Grass Plugs Xeric: 6-10" Full Sun Warm 4-6" tall 1-4 times/year Moderate Deep roots. Moisture and humidity tolerant, it's the best choice for southern/southeastern states and coastal PNW. Zones 5-10. 
UC Verde Buffalo Grass Plugs Xeric: 6-10" Full Sun Warm 4-8" tall 1-6 times/year Moderate Best for the desert Southwest: Arizona & Southern CA, Zones 7-10. Low-water, weed-resistant, quick-spreading. Low pollen.
Hichita Blue Grama Grass Plugs (or Grass Seeds) Low Water: 15-25" Full Sun Warm 4" tall (15" w/ seed heads) 0-4 times/year Low-Moderate Vigorous native grass from the western Great Plains. Excellent for use as lawn, or let it grow tall for a meadow. Tolerates sandy or clay soils. Zones 3-10.
Bella™ Bluegrass Plugs Low Water: 30-40" Full Sun & Part Sun, Shade Cool 2-5" 0-1 times/year High Tolerates up to 80% shade. Green from early spring into late fall. Suitable for most of the US, except the south. Zones 4-8. 
No Mow Lawn Grass Seed Low Water: 30-40" Full Sun & Part Sun Cool 3-12" 0-4 times/year High 6 dwarf fine fescues. Suitable for most of the US, except the south. Soft and fine grasses create an attractive swirling pattern. Zones 3-7.
Low Work & Water Dwarf Fescue Grass Seed Low Water: 30-40" Full Sun & Part Sun Cool  3-12" 0-4 times/year High 2 dwarf fine fescues. Suitable for most of the US, except the very hottest extremes. Developed for hot climates, good summer density and pest/disease resistance. Zones 4-10.
Kentucky Bluegrass
(For comparison only, not for sale.)
High: 48-60" Full Sun & Part Sun Cool 18-24" 16+ times/year High High water, high maintenance. Requires frequent mowing, watering, and fertilizing for best performance.

Learn More About Our Lawns

"Wanted a lawn or lawn substitute that was attractive, low water requirement, suitable for our climate, any easy to care for. These plugs filled all our requirements and then some. It takes root easily and spreads rapidly. We started with one foot spacing, but will use two foot spacing now. Also the fact it does not send up seed pods like other buffalo grass is a real plus in the appearance of the lawn and the need to mow regularly."

Gardener in Casper, WY (Legacy Grass Plugs)

Success With Dog Tuff Grass Plugs

Our customer in Colorado shared her success story of planting Dog Tuff Grass Plugs to replace a high-maintenance Bluegrass lawn.  The new family-friendly yard offers an attractive green space that needs little work, and it's durable enough for three kids to run and play. Read on to see the amazing results, including before and after photos!

How To Replace Your Lawn

A one-season investment will pay off for years to come. See our detailed Lawn Replacement Instructions for our step-by-step planting guide.

step one measure the area graphicstep one measure the area graphic


Measure your space to determine the quantity of seeds or plugs to order.

step two remove existing lawn graphicstep two remove existing lawn graphic


In most cases, remove the existing lawn to give your new lawn a fresh start. 

step three plant plugs and seeds graphicstep three plant plugs and seeds graphic


Drill and fill with plugs, or sow seeds for your new lawn.

step four water your plugs and seeds graphicstep four water your plugs and seeds graphic

Maintain & Enjoy

Water and weed to establish your lawn. Enjoy your sustainable yard!

We're Here To Help

Request a free lawn consultation, and one of our gardening experts will help you choose the right plants for your new lawn.

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