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Plants With A Purpose: Waterwise, Natural Nectar, Habitat Creation

Plants With A Purpose: Waterwise, Natural Nectar & Habitat

Sustainability Begins In Your Backyard

Our founder, David Salman, knew that plants play a vital role in the interconnected ecosystem that connects all life on Earth. He believed that “our gardens must be more than just beautiful.” He understood that to co-exist with the land and wildlife, we need to adapt our gardening practices, and to see plants for not only their beauty, but also their ability to preserve the environment. 

High Country Gardens was founded to provide gardeners with a diverse and ever-expanding palette of plants for the unique challenges of Western gardens – and for people across the country who believe that their garden can be more than just beautiful.

Our plants have a purpose: 

  • They are Waterwise to thrive in dry climates,
  • They provide Natural Nectar to nourish hummingbirds and other pollinators
  • They help restore ecosystems by building Habitat in our yards

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Plants With  A Purpose: Waterwise

Plants With A Purpose: Waterwise

With the right plants, your garden can do more than just survive dry conditions - it will thrive. Conserving water in our own backyard is one of the most important ways we can contribute to a healthy ecosystem. Waterwise gardening, also known as xeriscaping, promotes conscientious design with water conservation in mind. In the American West, choosing low-water and xeric plants helps to protect and conserve our precious water sources. As drought conditions and water restrictions increase across the country, xeriscaping allows for beautiful, colorful, hardy gardens to thrive.

Learn more about waterwise gardening:

Plants With A Purpose: Natural Nectar

Plants With A Purpose: Natural Nectar

Pollinators are the pulse of the planet, and observing pollinators such as native bees, bumblebees, honey bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds in our yards is one of the most rewarding experiences of gardening. Fill your yard with the natural nectar that they need, and help restore pollinator populations that have been hurt by habitat loss. 

Native plants are especially useful for nourishing native pollinators such as butterflies and moths; these winged visitors require specific native host plants for their caterpillars to grow into adult butterflies. Old World plants, such as Salvia, Lavender, and Nepeta are nectar-rich plants that can nourish pollinators; they are very useful for nourishing honeybees, which are native to the same regions as these plants. Be sure to include plants with bloom times from spring through fall, to supply natural nectar for pollinators all season.

Learn more about natural nectar: 

Plants With A Purpose: Habitat Creation

Plants With A Purpose: Habitat Creation

Plants play a vital role in the interconnected system that binds us all together. Birds and insects rely on both native and introduced plants for food and refuge, but their habitats have been lost due to development across the country. Don’t let your yard be a biological wasteland - plant habitat for a yard that’s filled with life.

Grow a diversity of plants, including trees and shrubs, ornamental grasses, and perennials, to create the foundation of shelter and habitat in your yard. This encourages a more diverse population of beneficial insects, which in turn supports songbirds. Include as many native species as possible - these resilient plants have established relationships with pollinators and wildlife to help support a healthy ecosystem.

Learn more about habitat gardens:

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