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Zeba Root Dip for Grass Plugs

SKU: H0031
No longer available this season.
Zeba Root Dip is a finely powdered, water absorbing compound that holds water around the root zone of grass plugs to reduce transplanting losses due to desication.
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Save Water and Increase Success! We highly recommend using Zeba Root Dip when planting your grass plugs. Our Root Dip will reduce the water and time required to establish your lawn. Just mix with water and dip your plugs into the Root Dipas you plant. Root Dip results in higher plant survival rates and consistently higher quality plants, saving plugs from drying out while they get established. 1 oz. will treat 1000 plugs. Zeba Root Dip benefits include: Root protection during hot, dry periods. Greater plant root and biomass development. More consistent plant size and crop quality.