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Soil Moist

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Soil Moist will make your plants more drought tolerant and reduce transplant shock. The non-toxic granules store over 200 times their weight in water, steadily releasing moisture as plants or grass plugs need it for 3-5 years. To help your new lawn or garden thrive, use Soil Moist as a root dip when planting.
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Soil Moist
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Use Soil Moist to reduce transplant shock and reduce watering needs. This product must be used at root level, not as a top-dressing. Use Soil Moist as a root dip when planting for best results. We highly recommend using Soil Moist when planting Grass Plugs to help establish a resilient, drought tolerant lawn.

1 oz packet will dip approximately 1 tray of grass plugs
3 oz packet will dip approximately 3 trays of grass plugs