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Starfish Iris (Ferraria)

Ferraria crispa
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Starfish Iris (Ferraria crispa) flowers show off velvety purple spots and dense ruffles, to steal the show in the early spring garden, evoking the star-shaped creatures in tidal pools. This unusual, eye-catching flower with a vanilla scent will attract hummingbird and butterflies. Starfish Iris will thrive in warm zones, and makes a show-stopping addition to container planting in colder zones.
key features
Botanical Name
Ferraria crispa
Growing Zones
Zone 9, Zone 10
Long Bloom Time, Fragrant, Container Planting
Soil Moisture
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Morning Sun & Afternoon Shade
Mature Height
16-18" tall
Bloom Time
Late spring to mid summer


Starfish Iris (Ferraria crispa) wakes up our senses with late winter to early spring blossoms that almost defy description! Their frilly edges, spotted petals, and orange anthers are a beautiful addition to any garden design. When happy, this South African native will spread to form clumps that will appear each spring, die back in summer, and reappear again in fall. With a lovely vanilla scent, place them where you can get close to this special flower. Plant bulbs in freely draining soil, in full sun, 2-4" deep. It is not frost tolerant, so in colder zones, Starfish Iris can be a lovely container plant to be brought indoors over winter. Divide plant every 3-5 years to increase flowering. Starfish Irish is deer resistant, but will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. (16-18" tall x 8-10 wide)