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Rip City Dahlia

Dahlia 'Rip City'
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‘Rip City’ Dahlia sports sultry burgundy blossoms that deepen to an almost black center, setting off the summer garden with dramatic flair. The bold reds of the velvety 4-6" flowers glow against its deep green foliage. An exceptional bloomer and pollinator favorite, ‘Rip City’ will bloom from mid-summer to frost keeping your garden and vase full of luscious flowers.
key features
Botanical Name
Dahlia 'Rip City'
Growing Zones
Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9, Zone 10, Zone 11
Hardiness Zone
Zone 8, Zone 9, Zone 10, Zone 11
Lift in colder zones
Attracts Butterflies, Easy To Grow, Long Bloom Time, Cut Flowers, Container Planting
Soil Moisture
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Morning Sun & Afternoon Shade
Mature Height
36-48" tall
Bloom Time
Summer until frost


A perfect accent to the colors of the mid-to-late summer garden, Rip City Dahlia’s wavy petals of red to dark maroon will provide plentiful garden color and elegant blossoms for your home. At 3-4' tall, Rip City is an easy addition to a perennial bed where its dark red flowers highlight other late summer blooms, such as echinacea and aster. Plant it with other dahlias for a dancing display of color in the garden or the vase! Deadhead spent flowers to keep more coming. Plant tubers in a sunny spot (light shade okay in the South), with good drainage, at a depth of 3-4inches. Water lightly until the plant has sprouted, thereafter keep moisture consistent. If long stems are desired, pinch back growth once the plant reaches 12 inches. In zones cooler than zone 7, treat as an annual, or dig the tubers before the first frost to replant in spring. (3-4' tall x 18" wide)