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Susan Amaryllis

Hippeastrum Susan
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Amaryllis Bulb Susan (Hippeastrum ‘Susan’) sports pink, slightly-cupped petals on large flowers to brighten your short winter days with a cheerful note. Amaryllis ‘Susan’ blossoms show off with chartreuse centers and 4-6 flowers per stem. Fantastic, long-lasting cut flowers, cut the stems when the buds have colored and enjoy them in an arrangement.


Amaryllis Bulb Susan (Hippeastrum ‘Susan’) blooms with unusual cupped rosey-pink petals with a green throat. Easy-care, they flower 6-10 weeks from planting Plant a few for a new year greeting, or in succession for a longer season of bloom. If planting a group, place them an inch apart in a pot that is an inch or two larger than the bulbs - amaryllis like to be cozy! Cover with soil, leaving the top 1/3 of the bulb exposed. Water well, place in a sunny location, and enjoy the emerging growth. Don’t overwater, as the bulbs won’t need much water until they are growing. Great as cut flowers too, each stem has multiple blooms. (20-24" tall.)