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A stunning waterwise perennial garden in the foothills of the mountains, designed by Lauren Springer.

Heroes Of Horticulture: Lauren Springer

By Ross Shrigley and Emily Goldman of Plant Select®

When Lauren Springer's book, The Undaunted Garden: Planting For Weather-Resilient Beauty, was published in 1994, it was a wake-up call for gardeners, designers, and horticulturists. Until her book debuted, no one at that time understood how gorgeous water-smart gardens in the interior west's climates and soils could be.

Lauren's beautiful photos and intimate writing style illustrated how to create a sense of place, and everyone wanted an "undaunted" garden! A plant's beauty and purpose were revealed through Lauren's work, and so began a regional movement towards lush-looking western gardens with tough and resilient drought-tolerant plants. Lauren challenged growers to ask themselves, "Why aren't we offering more environmentally sustainable plants?" It's no wonder Plant Select® became an organization in 1997, led by a committee of forward-thinking horticulturists, including Lauren. It was this same year that The Undaunted Garden won an American Horticultural Society Award for one of the 75 best gardening books of the 20th century.

Lauren's signature garden designs unabashedly embrace a diverse palette of native plants and regionally attuned exotics. Waterwise plants weave together, colors and textures give you goosebumps, and seasonal shifts are celebrated. Her designs result in dynamic year-round beauty that also benefits wildlife. Lauren grows many of her plants, and has introduced many plants to the regional trade and garden designs across the country. Her work graces botanic gardens, municipal gardens, and non-profits like Plant Select®.

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Additional books by Lauren include 

Lauren is now on staff at The Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins, Colorado, managing the 3/4 acre Undaunted Garden, and a 350 foot long hellstrip garden that she created. Lauren continues to share her knowledge and design talent there, inspiring visitors and mentoring the next generation of horticultural heroes!

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