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by High Country Gardens

Here are the photo contest finalists from our Spring 2015 customer photo contest. Our grand prize winner, chosen by popular vote, was Connie E.'s Echinacea photo with Toad (frog?). Be sure to enter our current photo contest.
Critters In The Garden - Toad (Frog?) on Echinacea - Connie E.
Flower Close-Up - Dahlia - Teodora G.
Flower Grouping - Rudbeckia - Robert L.
People In The Garden - Veggie Garden - Mary R.
Fall-Planted Bulbs - Daffodils - Linda G.
Insects In The Garden - Skipper on Aster - Leslie M.
Flower Grouping - Columbine - Laura R.
Insects In The Garden - Bumble Bee - Julie E.
Flower Grouping - Gaillardia - Dale C.
Critters In The Garden - Hummingbird with Bee Balm - Bernadette C.

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