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Daffodil And Crocus, Two Deer Resistant Spring-Blooming Flower Bulbs

Daffodils & Other Deer Resistant Spring-Blooming Bulbs

Daffodils, also known by the Latin genus Narcissus, are named after the vain youth of Greek mythology who broke Echo’s heart and succumbed to his own reflection in a pool of water. Well, Daffodils have the right to be a little vain, as they are a superb group of beautiful flowers.  There are many groups of daffodils that categorize them by size, flower shape, and flower count.

To the average gardener, the most important things to remember about Daffodils are:

  • They are deer proof (above ground) and gopher and mole/vole proof (underground)
    Different cultivars bloom at different times in spring

The different bloom times of Daffodils and other deer-resistant spring-blooming bulbs help you to extend the show of flowers in spring. Plant early spring bloomingmid-spring blooming, and late spring blooming varieties. When shopping online, use the Bloom Time filters to help find the right bulbs.


Daffodils grow well in sun and part sun and are not fussy about their soil, as long as it has good drainage and modest fertility. They are an excellent choice for planting into the dappled shade under tall shade trees in amongst other shade-loving perennials.

Learn more in our guide: How To Plant Daffodils

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Other Deer Resistant Spring-Blooming Bulbs

There are also other equally beautiful spring-blooming bulbs that resist browsing by deer. These flowers have compounds or fragrances in them that are unpalatable - or sometimes toxic - to deer and critters.

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Favorite Deer-Resistant Flower Combinations