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Common Southwestern Native Plants Book

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As a pictorial guide for those wishing to learn more about the flora, this book provides a starting point for learning to identify common native plants along trails and byways, as well as plants suitable for landscaping.
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Common Southwestern Native Plants Book
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Combining scientific information and lyrical expression, the authors bring together 128 woody plants and 64 herbaceous flowering plants common to the Southwest. Using a combination of color photographs, written descriptions and stunning botanical illustrations, this book offers valuable insight into the world of native plants. Included are medicinal uses, plants to attract wildlife, and Spanish common names. Detailed technical and nontechnical descriptions, distribution and habitat information, and conservation considerations provide important tools for those wishing to go further with plant identification. Also included are biographical sketches of influential early botanists as well as big-tree records of many of the species.

JACK CARTER is professor emeritus of biology, Colorado College, Colorado Springs. He is the author of Trees and Shrubs of Colorado and Trees and Shrubs of New Mexico. His passion for the flora of the Southwest has taken him and his students on numerous field trips throughout the region.

MARTHA CARTER, through her enthusiasm for learning about the plants themselves and the human-interest stories behind them, as well as for photography, has been the driving force behind this book.

DONNA STEVENS became an integral part of the Carters’ professional activities over several years. While still an undergraduate at Western New Mexico University, her intellectual rigor and her skills in the use of the English language were apparent. She has become an outstanding editor, field-trip leader and herbarium curator.

JENNIFER BOUSSELOT is a lifelong plant lover who did not stop going to school and ended up with a doctorate in horticulture. She joined up with her mentors, the Carters, through her work for the Colorado Native Plant Society. She also teaches classes at Colorado State University.