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South African Citrus Bulb Collection

SKU: HC017464
per Collection of 65
Shipping begins the week of March 4th, 2024
The South African Citrus Bulb Collection dazzles with eye-catching colors, patterns, foliage, and flower forms. Abundant and exotic yellow, orange, pink, red, and purple flowers will be on display from late spring all the way to frost. Long-lasting cut flowers will make stunning bouquets. This colorful collection will thrive in warm, full-sun gardens, and can be planted in containers. A standout collection of unique flowers that’s not to be missed!
key features
Growing Zones
Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9, Zone 10
Easy To Grow, Long Bloom Time, Cut Flowers, Container Planting
Soil Moisture
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Morning Sun & Afternoon Shade
Mature Height
Starfish Iris: 18" tall
Charming Beauty Hardy Gladiolus: 12-18" tall
Nerine Lily: 24-26" tall
Harlequin Flower: 10-12" tall
Pineapple Lily: 16-24" tall
Bloom Time
Late spring to frost


The South African Citrus Bulb Collection features a gorgeous array of flowers native to sunny South Africa. Warm golden Starfish Iris (Ferreria crispa) and grapefruit Charming Beauty Hardy Gladiolus bloom in late summer. They’re followed by a carpet of colorful pinks and red from Harlequin Flowers (Sparaxis) from early to mid-summer. Purple Pineapple Lilies (Eucomis Reuben) pop from mid to late summer, and fragrant Pink Spider Lilies (Nerine bowdenii) are on display from late summer through frost. Spider Lilies are long-lived, and take a couple of years to establish and bloom. This tropical collection is generally hardy in zones 9 and 10. If these bulbs are not hardy in your zone, you can grow them as annuals, grow them in containers that can be brought indoors for cold seasons, or dig up bulbs before frost to store in a cool dry place for planting the following spring. Be sure to follow the appropriate planting depth for each unique bulb. Collection of 65 bulbs.

The South African Citrus Bulb Collection Includes:

  • Starfish Iris (Ferreria crispa)- Bag of 3
  • Charming Beauty Hardy Gladiolus - Bag of 25
  • Harlequin Flower Mix (Sparaxis Tricolor) - Bag of 25
  • Pineapple Lily (Eucomis Reuben) - Bag of 3
  • Pink Spider Lily – (Nerine bowdenii) Bag of 3

Bulbs are subject to change due to availability. If we make substitutions, we feature bulbs with similar attributes suitable to the collection design. Does not include planting map.