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Naranja Amaryllis

Hippeastrum Naranja
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No longer available this season.
Amaryllis Bulb Naranja (Hippeastrum ‘Naranja’) wakes us up with deep red-orange blooms on sturdy stalks. The best deep orange amaryllis, deepening almost to red in the center, ‘Naranja’ flowers with multiple, silky large blooms per stem and will whisk away the winter doldrums with its bright bold presence.


Amaryllis Bulb Naranja (Hippeastrum ‘Naranja’) is an attention stealing star with its intense red-orange flowers atop 20-24" sturdy stems. An easy-to-grow bulb, its velvety orange blossoms will chase away winter’s blues. From bulb to bloom, you can expect flowers in 6-10 weeks from planting. Grow them in a snug pot, with 1/3 of the bulb above the soil line. Water well, then moderately. Place in a sunny spot and watch them grow! The large flowers make stunning cut flowers as well. Cut the stem when the buds have colored up, and place in a vase. The flowers will last from 10-14 days and make an elegant addition to a winter display (a cool room is best). (20-24" tall.)