Perennial Plants

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Perennial Plants


Offering unique and exclusive perennial plants has been the foundation of how High Country Gardens' has built its reputation. Our plants are chosen for their beauty, hardiness, and their ability to create natural habitat. We are particularly well known for our drought resistant/drought tolerant perennials (xeric plants), that once established will need very little water to thrive. We have hundreds of water-thrifty and native plants to choose from, many developed exclusively for High Country Gardens by our founder and chief horticulturist, David Salman.

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20% Off Fall Perennials  Ends 7/31
20% Off Fall Perennials  Ends 7/31
Echinacea & Black Eyed Susan With Monarch Pollinator Plants Over 139 Varieties
  • Nectar-rich flowers will support butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.
  • Pair early blooming perennials with late blooming perennials to create a nectar source for pollinators all season long.
  • All of our perennials are neonicotinoid free.
Agastache Kudos™ Mandarin Agastache | Hummingbird Mint 10 Varieties
  • Showy, fragrant, long-blooming perennials are highly attractive to hummingbirds.
  • Aromatic flowers and foliage deter browsing deer and rabbits.
  • Agastache plants are essential for a pollinator-friendly garden.
Habitat Hero Pre-Planned Garden
Pre-Planned Gardens Are Back For Fall Planting 26 Gardens and Collections
  • Premium plants, care instructions, and garden maps make planting simple.
  • Professional horticulturist-designed gardens feature plants with complementary colors, textures, heights, and growing requirements.
  • Reserve yours now - we sell out every season!

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