Iris | Bearded Iris

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Gold Variegated Sweet Iris

Iris | Bearded Iris

Zones 4-9 | | Blooming Late Spring - Summer

Iris plants are easy to grow, bursting with color, and water thrifty. Perennial Iris are tough, hardy perennials and a welcome sign of summer. Many of our Bearded Iris varieties are re-blooming. When promptly deadheaded in early summer, the plants re-bloom in late summer/early fall with nearly as many flower stalks as in the spring. Divide the clumps in late summer every three to four years to keep them blooming and healthy. Bearded Iris, reach about 3' tall on average and are much larger than Specie Iris (4-20" tall). Drawing its name from the Greek word for 'rainbow,' Iris burst with color.


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