Agastache | Hummingbird Mint

Zones 4-10 | | Blooming Mid Summer - Fall

Agastache (Hummingbird Mint, Hyssop) are showy, fragrant, long-blooming perennials that as their name suggests, are highly attractive hummingbirds. Agastache plants are essential for a pollinator-friendly garden and have excellent resistance to browsing deer and rabbits. Agastache is one of the plants we've built our reputation on and High Country Gardens offers an extensive selection of garden-tested Agastache varieties.

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  1. Starting at $12.99

    Per Plant - 5" deep pot

    Agastache aurantiaca 'Apricot Sprite' (Apricot Sprite Hyssop) provides a sizzling blast of bright orange flowers during the heat mid-to-late summer. An outstanding perennial for attracting hummingbirds with brilliant fragrance. A great container plant; grow it as an annual if it is outside your growing zone. Learn More →
  2. $12.99

    Sale: $9.74

    Desert Sunrise is a hybrid native wildflower that blooms for months with tall spikes of orange and pink tubular flowers. The nectar-rich flowers are highly attractive to hummingbirds. The plant has aromatic, mint-scented foliage and flowers. Learn More →
  3. Starting at $12.99

    Agastache Glowing Embers is a fantastic selection of Licorice Mint Hyssop (Hummingbird Mint) with fragrant foliage and glowing orange-red tubular flowers that are a favorite with hummingbirds. Plant in containers to enjoy this plant in the eastern U.S. Exclusive. 24-26 tall x 24-28" wide. Learn More →
  4. $12.99

    Sale: $10.39

    Agastache Acapulco Salmon and Pink is a wonderful hybrid introduction to be enjoyed for its mint-scented foliage and profusion of bi-colored orange and pink tubular flowers. A continuous bloomer and compact grower, Acapulco Salmon & Pink Hummingbird Mint is in color all summer. Learn More →
  5. $11.99

    Sale: $9.59

    Agastache Acapulco® Deluxe Peach (Acapulco Deluxe Peach Hybrid Hummingbird Mint) is a very compact new hummingbird mint with pretty peachy-pink flowers that attract hummingbirds to your landscape. Learn More →
  6. Starting at $11.99

    Sale: $10.19

    Per Plant - 5" deep pot

    Texas Hummingbird mint is a very rare wildflower with aromatic, raspberry- pink flowers that cover the plant for several months in late summer. Highly attractive to hummingbirds. Learn More →
  7. $11.99

    Sale: $10.79

    Rosita was selected for its smaller size and dense spikes of raspberry-red flowers (50% more flowers than the typical Agastache cana). It blooms for several months beginning in early to mid-summer. A High Country Gardens introduction Learn More →
  8. Starting at $10.99

    Agastache 'Blue Fortune' is a European hybrid hyssop known for is vigor, cold hardiness, and adaptability to grow across much of the US. Blue Fortune Hybrid Hyssop's powder blue flower spikes are highly attractive to bees and butterflies. Learn More →
  9. Starting at $13.99

    Per Plant - 5" deep pot

    The flower spikes of Agastache Desert Solstice (Desert Solstice Hummingbird Mint) are remarkable for their fullness, large size, and exotic colorization. The plant is like a semi-dwarf form of our best selling 'Desert Sunrise' but with more flowers. A High Country Gardens introduction. Learn More →
  10. Starting at $11.99

    Per Plant - 5" deep pot

    Agastache rupestris (Licorice Mint Hyssop) is one of the best, most durable species in the Agastache family. With smoky orange flowers held by lavender calyxes, the entire plant has a strong licorice and mint aroma. A 1996 High Country Gardens introduction. Learn More →
  11. Starting at $10.99

    Blue Blazes is a large growing hybrid hummingbird mint with lavender-purple flower spikes. Very long blooming, its flowers attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees making it an essential perennial for pollinators. Learn More →
  12. Starting at $11.99

    Per Plant - 5" deep pot

    Agastache Ava is one of High Country Gardens very best plant introductions, renowned for its tall spikes of deep rose-pink flowers held by raspberry-red calyxes. This vigorous hybrid Hummingbird Mint blooms for many months beginning in mid-summer. 2005 Plant of the Year. Learn More →
  13. Starting at $12.99

    Agastache 'Blue Boa' PP24,050 (Blue Boa Hummingbird Mint) is a stunning hybrid variety that blooms for many months from mid-to-late summer with showy spikes of deep violet-blue flowers. Learn More →
  14. Starting at $11.99

    Coronado Red® Hyssop (Agastache Pstessene Coronado® Red) is a distinctive selection of Hummingbird Mint with silver-green foliage and spikes of orange-red flowers. This Agastache plant has a very vertical habit and blooms beginning in mid-summer. A 2009 Plant Select winner. Drought resistant perennial plant (xeric). Learn More →
  15. Starting at $11.99

    Agastache Acapulco Orange is a durable, long-blooming hybrid Hummingbird Mint with pure orange flowers held on tall flowers spikes. Acapulco Orange Hummingbird Mint's foliage has a strong mint fragrance. Extremely attractive to hummingbirds. Learn More →
  16. $43.96

    Sale: $39.56

    Try four different customer-favorite Agastache varieties in this Agastache Collection and you'll draw plenty of hummingbirds to your yard. Drought resistant/drought tolerant plant (xeric). You'll save $5 off the single plant price of $48.96 Learn More →
  17. Starting at $53.95

    Sale: $48.55

    Per Collection of 5/15 plants

    Enjoy watching hummingbirds flit from flower to flower all summer long. This collection is best suited for the dryer growing conditions of the west and full sun. Choice of 5 or 15 plants. Save $5-15 off the single plant price! Learn More →
  18. Starting at $57.95

    Per Collection of 5/15 plants

    We're known for our fantastic Agastache offerings and this collection includes our favorites! Hummingbird Mints, as their name suggests, are very attractive to hummingbirds. With this carefully chosen collection, you'll have a sampling of our best Agastache offerings in a range of dramatic colors. Resistant to deer and rabbits.

    Learn More →

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