Meet David, Our Founder and Chief Horticulturist

David explains how he became a ‘plant nerd.’

David Salman, founder and chief Horticulturist at High Country Gardens, has spent over 25 years in pursuit of better plants for eco-friendly landscapes. For decades, David has espoused using environmentally friendly practices when gardening, long before ‘organic’ became a household word.

David’s passion for plants has been expressed in the numerous unique plant hybrids he has developed and responsible for introducing unique and exclusive plant varieties. to the world of horticulture. He is a distinguished recipient of the American Horticultural Society 2008 Great American Gardeners Award.

David contributes weekly to the High Country Gardens Waterwise Gardening Blog, as well as to his personal blog, The Xeric Gardener. He has written two in-house publications, Waterwise Garden Care and Spectacular Seasons of Color, and has a series of planting and informational videos.

Salman has written numerous articles for Fine Gardening, American Gardener and Horticulture magazines, as well as many of the gardening articles on the High Country Gardens website. He also writes for the award-winning High Country Gardens catalog, which has won four silver awards and one gold award for Best Gardening Catalog by Catalog Age magazine.

David is a recognized expert in the field of water-wise gardening and xeriscaping and a sought-after speaker on these subjects throughout the United States.