Spring-Planted Bulbs: First Year Flowers For New Perennial Beds

by High Country Gardens

Garden of Spring Bulbs Blooming
Spring-planted bulbs add quick-blooming color to new perennial beds.

Our pre-planned perennial gardens have been very popular with High Country Garden customers for many years. Yet, as with all perennials, it often takes until the second growing season for them to reach mature size and fill out their planting bed.

For those of us who might be a little impatient for colorful flowers, spring planted bulbs can be an ideal solution. These bulbs can be inter-planted into the new pre-planned garden where they will bloom that first year they are planted.

An Easy Transition for That Second Growing Season

Many of these inexpensive spring planted bulbs are not cold hardy, so they can be used as annuals. Because they will generally freeze out over the winter, your pre-planned garden perennials will have plenty of room to grow up and bloom that following spring. It makes for an easy and low-care transition from the first season to the second one.

Spring Bulbs That Can Be Used as Annuals

Peter Pears Peach Gladiolus in Bloom
Gladiolus hybrid 'Peter Pears'