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Our problem solving collections rotate seasonally and according to what we have in stock, but you can always find our staple pre-planned gardens, such as the Summer Dreams Pre-Planned Garden pictured above.

Each year, I participate in a number of speaking engagements, with time reserved for questions at the end. Without fail, gardeners usually ask me about which plants they should use to solve a gardening challenge.

We decided to make it easy for our customers to address these common gardening dilemmas with a number of newly introduced garden collections.

Some Like It Hot Collection - If you have places in your landscape where most flowers seem to fry from the heat, these tough, long blooming perennials will solve the problem. They thrive in hot, sunny locations and provide flowers over much of the growing season when kept deadheaded.

Made For Shade Collection - Who doesn't have some shade in need of some color? These problem solving groundcovers will cover bare soil, replace too thin grass and spread flowers into shady areas of your yard.

My Soil Is Like A Brick Collection - Here in New Mexico, we make bricks to build our homes out of the clay found here. Great building material but lousy for growing plants. These long blooming perennials are the solution when looking for plants to grow in clay soils. And they are all good bee plants too!

My Soil Is Like A Beach Collection - Life is a beach unless you like sand. These perennials were chosen to thrive in the sandy soil that seems to kill most plants. All three perennials are long blooming and good at re-seeding themselves to cover even more sandy areas.

Delosperma (Ice Plant) Collection - Cold hardy Ice Plants are a great choice to carpet your landscape with sheets of shimmering flowers. They are especially useful for planting into beds mulched with gravel; this cools the glare and heat and creates a perfect growing environment for Delosperma. They love growing up ontop of gravel which protects their stems and foliage from wet winter weather.

Aquilegia (Columbine) Collection - Columbine are the ideal choice for adding color to part and full shade parts of your yard. They thrive in the cool soil on the north side of your house, too. And wherever you plant them they will attract hummingbirds to their nectar-rich flowers.

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Text by David Salman.

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