Canna Lily Bulbs

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Canna Lily Bulbs

Canna lilies are a wonderful and striking addition to the garden. Canna Lily bulbs are fast-growing, with vibrant blooms and lush, tropical-looking foliage. By planting Canna Lily bulbs, you’ll quickly get a handsome, 3-4 foot addition to your garden. Canna Lilies will deliver a summer-long show, with huge, spectacular iris-like flowers. Plant them where you want to draw attention, or use their large size to your advantage and create a dramatic Canna Lily screen.

Growing Canna Lilies: Although not a true 'lily,' cannas can be grown through a wide range of climates. In northern climates, they'll be annuals but should naturalize in Zone 8 or higher. Canna Lily bulbs should be planted as annuals in a sunny spot in the ground or in large containers. Water often, as Canna Lilies enjoy moist ground, though constant wetness isn’t necessary. Lift the bulbs before frost and store in a cool, dry place for re-planting the following spring.

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