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For the latest in High Country Gardens coupon codes and special offers, refer to this page regularly. We update our coupon codes as new promotions become available and indicate when these offers will expire. Although there are many coupon websites, this is the only site that lists official High Country Gardens coupons and discounts. We have no control over what other sites may list – always check here for the latest coupons from High Country Gardens!



$10 off all orders with a subtotal of $100 or more.

*Expires 9/30/2020


$5 off all orders with a subtotal of $50 or more.

*Expires 12/31/2020

*Offers cannot be combined or applied to prior purchases and are not valid on gift card purchases. Subtotal does not include shipping or tax.

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Special Deals

Sale PerennialsSale Perennials


Find hundreds of the most water-thrifty, durable, unique and colorful plants available anywhere. Once established, our waterwise plants use less water and you'll expend less effort maintaining your garden.

Pre-Planned GardensPre-Planned Gardens

Pre-Planned Gardens

Our gardens are professionally-designed by plant experts. Every garden includes the plants, the instructions and the map. We do everything but dig the holes!

Wildflower SeedsWildflower Seeds

Wildflower Seeds

The perfect choice for you and the environment! From pots to meadows, wildflowers provide low-maintenance color all season long.


Fall-Planted Bulbs

Daffodils, Tulips, and Allium are a great way to add color a splash of color to your spring gardens -- just plant in the fall.


Spring-Planted Bulbs

Dahlias, Gladiolus, and Calla Lilies are a great way to add color your gardens--just plant in the spring and you'll have blooms in only a few months.