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October Daphne Sedum
October Daphne Sedum

Sedum: Showy Succulents For Late Season Color & Winter Interest

Sedum, commonly known as stonecrop, is a group of succulent plants native across much of the Northern Hemisphere.  They are excellent garden plants because they are:

  • Waterwise and cold hardy
  • Colorful with flowers in shades of pink, white and yellow
  • Excellent for fall and winter interest with their ornamental seed heads
  • A favorite of insect pollinators like bees and butterflies

The stonecrops are very versatile with different varieties that can be used as durable, evergreen groundcovers or taller specimens in the perennial border.  

The larger growers are known as the Tall Sedum. Autumn Fire Sedum blooms from mid-summer into early fall, offering much-needed late season color and nectar in the garden. Their architecturally interesting seed heads should be left standing over the winter months to catch the morning frost or snow like tidy ‘snow toadstools’.  And the Tall Stonecrops provide a pleasing contrast with the finely textured ornamental grasses that also grace the winter garden.

Low-growing Sedums are a great low maintenance perennial for groundcovers, rock gardens, borders, and containers in sunny, dry areas. It will naturalize and spread to cover hospitable ground. It will beautifully fill in crevices in rocks and will fill in spaces between larger plants. Happy in full sun and poor, gravely, sandy soil, it just needs good drainage to thrive. Just plant it, water to establish, and enjoy. The succulent foliage stores up water for lean times, giving this tough plant great resilience and making it a good choice for firescaping. 

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With a rich palette of colors and textures, long-blooming Sedum are an essential element for a pollinator-friendly waterwise garden. Sedum are easy-to-grow and suitable to most growing conditions.