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by High Country Gardens

Tips to Looking After your Garden over the Summer

Field of Blanket Flowers and Texas BluebonnetField of Blanket Flowers and Texas Bluebonnet

Everything's blooming, and the greenery couldn't be better, there's nothing like enjoying the fruits of all that labor. However, as you well know, a gardener's work is never done. We can always see a few more things that need tending.

Below are a few mid-summer reminders for perking up the garden.

Soil and Watering

  • Loosen hard packed soil to aerate and allow water to penetrate
  • Use mulch to moderate soil temperatures
  • Newly installed plants may need frequent waterings during heat spells; check drip system emitters



  • Use high quality balanced fertilizer such as liquid Earth Juice
  • Give a dose of root stimulator

Really, all this isn't a lot to do and it will give your plants that mid-summer boost and let you take pleasure in your garden for a few more weeks.

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