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by High Country Gardens

2011 Dates

JANUARY 22, 2011

David will be presenting: "Ornamental Grasses and Perennials: Beautiful Plantings for Birds, Bees, and Butterflies" in the City of Fort Collins, CO Undaunted Gardens event.


David will be speaking at the Peak to Prairie Landscape Symposium. The topic for Friday 2/4 will be 'Rock Gardening with Xeric Plants' and on Sat. 2/5 he will deliver the keynote speech entitled 'The Importance of Plants in a "Green" Xeriscape'.

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FEBRUARY 12 @ 2pm David will host this week's topic in the 2011 Spring Seminar Series 'Fragrant Lavender and it's Pretty Friends'. Lavender is an enormously popular and fragrant genus of plants for Southwestern landscapes. David Salman, president and chief horticulturist for Santa Fe Greenhouses, will present a comprehensive discussion of lavender varieties and how to grow and maintain them in your waterwise New Mexico landscape. Also discussed will be colorful and aromatic companion plants that are recommended to grow with lavender because they share the same growing requirements.
FEBRUARY 26 @ 10am David will be speaking at the Xeriscape Expo at the State Fair Grounds about "The Principles of Eco-friendly Xeriscaping". For more information go to