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by High Country Gardens

Gardening is something that we look forward to all winter. We can’t wait until the frost has passed and we can start transplanting our new plants, or maybe moving some of our existing ones. We know most of our customers feel the same way. Though gardening is typically viewed as a spring activity with some summer maintenance, for some the endeavor brings year round enjoyment.

Seasonal Gardening

Detailed Seasonal Gardening Advice

Every garden requires a little bit of attention from season to season in order to continue to provide us with enjoyment. To learn more about what you can do to help your garden from spring through winter view our article topics on the left, or click on the links below.


In spring we prune back, plant our new additions, and add mulch and fertilizer. We are busy getting our hands dirty and preparing our garden for the new season. Spring Gardening Advice


While for most of the summer we can sit back and enjoy all of our hard work from the spring, there is some basic maintenance needed to keep our gardens beautiful. Plants may need some watering during hot, dry months. Also, some like to dead-head their plants as flower blossoms pass to keep the garden tidy. And there are always those weeds to contend with. Summer Gardening Advice


More mulch and fertilizer is added in the fall to make sure that our plants make it through the winter. Some will prune back their plants at this time, while others will leave the seed heads to feed the birds. What many don’t know is that fall is also a great time to plant. Not only are there spring blooming bulbs (such as Tulips, Daffodils and Crocus) but many perennials can be planted in the fall as well. For areas with extremely hot summers, perennials will do best with a fall planting where the weather is milder and will allow for root growth. Fall Gardening Advice


For the parts of the US that experience dry winters, this is also the time of the year when gardens will need to be watered regularly. There are areas that rely on winter’s snow as part of their yearly water supply, and if a winter is particularly dry you will want to make sure your garden receives a healthy watering. Winter Gardening Advice

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