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by High Country Gardens

These plants dislike very rich (high organic matter content), water retentive soils. When planting use only Planters II, Yum Yum Mix , and rock phosphate. Don’t use compost when planting, or fertilizing. With continued use, this will make the soil too rich and water retentive.

Water Retention in Arid Climates or Regions with Hot, Dry Summer Weather

Incorporate water holding granules into the soil at planting time (1 teaspoon of dry granules per 8” x 8” hole or 1 tablespoon of dry granules per 12” x 12” hole) holds extra water in the planting hole for improved transplanting success. These granules can be used with xeric and non-xeric plants.

If You Live East of the Mississippi (or in the Pacific Northwest)

• Acid Soils: These acidic soils need lime added to bring soil pH up to neutral (pH 7).

Many of our plants are native to alkaline soils and need to have soil acidity reduced.

• Planting Xeric Plants Xeric plants need excellent soil drainage especially in areas with 30” or more of rainfall per year (or over the winter months). Water retentive soils (clay, clay-loam or silty-clay) need to be amended with very coarse sand or chicken grit to improve drainage. Mix one shovel of soil (1 part) with one to three shovels of drainage material (1 to 3 parts) to fill a raised bed or build a berm (soil mounds). The more rainfall your region receives the more drainage material should be mixed into the soil.

In addition to drainage material, mix Planter II, Yum Yum Mix® (and lime, if needed) into soil at recommended rates.