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Perking Up the Mid-Summer Garden

by High Country Gardens

Penstemon pinifolius.
Penstemon pinifolius Tall Orange Mix.

It’s that time of year—everything is blooming, and the greenery couldn’t be better. Still, a few more things can be done to perk up the mid-summer garden.

Soil and Watering

  • Inoculate plant roots with the beneficial microorganisms in Organic Plant Magic to make the plants healthier and more vigorous
  • Add mulch to moderate soil temperatures
  • Newly installed plants may need frequent waterings during heat spells; check drip system emitters or rebuild water wells around plants if they have become shallow


  • Divide lilies, irises, and poppies after they have bloomed; later in August is the perfect time
  • Keep up with weeding so that they do not set seed
  • Shear back the flowers on groundcovers, Veronica, Creeping Flax, and Thyme to stimulate a thicker mass

Fertilizers and Growth Stimulants

  • Use high quality balanced fertilizer, such as liquid Superthrive Vitamin for a gentle mid-season boost of transplants and established plants

Text by David Salman

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