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by High Country Gardens

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Coreopsis integrifolia (Fringe Leaf Tickseed)

A native species from the deep South, Fringe Leaf Tickseed  is a plant with exceptional potential.  And to add to its appeal, this is a very rare perennial plant in its southern Georgia /northern Florida habitat. It is just now finding its way into cultivation. The plant spreads slowly by underground runners from which its woody stems and glossy bright green foliage emerge. A fall bloomer, gorgeous golden-yellow fringed flowers tip the branches in September and October.

photo by Mt. Cuba Center

Requiring a couple of growing seasons to fill out, this Coreopsis is longer lived than most other species in the genus. The plant’s habit is compact and very upright. While it spreads underground, it is not aggressive and in fact, may make a nice groundcover.  It prefers a moist soil but is drought tolerant enough to survive dry spells when well established. This is a good plant for pond margins and low areas that collect water. I think the plant also has great potential for use in Rain Gardens as it is tolerant of both wet and dry conditions. Coreopsis integrifolia has gotten very good initial ratings in the Coreopsis test trials at the Mt. Cuba Center in Delaware.

  Note: our plants are propagated from garden cultivated stock, not wild populations; conservation through propagation!