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American Meadows (USD) English

by High Country Gardens

Title: 5th Annual Free Garden Fair Location: Santa Fe County Fairgrounds, 3229 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe Description: Don’t miss the 5th Annual Free Garden Fair sponsored by the Santa Fe Master Gardener Association (SFMGA) and Santa Fe Greenhouses. With a nod to sustainable living and the current economy, this year’s fair will focus on creating gardens that nourish the body as well as the spirit. Free demonstrations, lectures, and over 40 exhibits will appeal to experienced gardeners and newcomers who are discovering the unique challenges of Santa Fe’s soil and climate. Lectures by local gardeners, educators and nursery experts will be given throughout the day on topics ranging from Tomatoes to Roses, Vegetables to Native Plant Medicine, Pollinators and Beneficial Insects to Tree Care and Water Harvesting. Start Time: 10:00 Date: 2009-04-25 End Time: 16:00