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Buchloe dactyloides Legacy

Legacy Buffalo Grass

Legacy buffalo grass is a premium-quality native turf grass variety bred by University of Nebraska agronomists to be a drought tolerant, low care turf grass with the lush look of traditional bluegrass or fescue lawns.

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Tray of 70
Additional Information
SKU 27050
Common Name Legacy Buffalo Grass
Botanical Name Buchloe dactyloides Legacy
Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Light Requirements Full Sun
Estimated Mature Height 4-6" tall
Ships As Potted Plant
Native Yes
Will Tolerate Clay Soil, Average Soil
Soil Moisture Waterwise
Amount of Rain 10 to 20", 20 to 30", 30 to 40" (with care)
Ideal Region USA

Green Thumb Award Winner 2001 4-6" tall (cutting propagated). Legacy is a new premium-quality turf variety of buffalo grass that represents a significant improvement over traditional seed-grown strains. Developed by University of Nebraska agronomists, Legacy was selected to duplicate the lush green look of traditional bluegrass turf while retaining the outstanding hardiness and xeric character that is expected from buffalo grass.

Propagated from cuttings, this essentially pollen-free buffalo grass is exceptionally robust, spreading quickly with vigorous runners to form a dense, inviting, deep green lawn that withstands heavy foot traffic, pests and diseases. Learn how to plant and maintain buffalo grass.

Buffalo grass grows easily in a wide range of soil types and actually prefers heavy clay. It requires minimal mowing, little or no fertilization (depending on soil type) and forms a tight, highly weed-resistant ground cover. This is a warm season grower best adapted to low rainfall regions that receive 10" to 30" of annual precipitation at elevations below 6,500 to 7000 ft.

This grass typically uses 45 to 75% less water than Kentucky bluegrass, needing only 2" of water per month to stay during the heat of summer! While all buffalo grass turns a soft beige color when dormant in late fall through mid-spring, Legacy was developed to up earlier in the spring and hold its color longer into the fall than any other variety. Legacy is a very quick grower. Using our jumbo plugs you can expect to cover an area planted on 12" x 12" centers in about 3 months, or in only 2 months when planted on 6" x 6" centers (depending on your growing conditions). You can plant our plugs beginning in late spring right through the summer and into the early fall. Plugging a buffalo grass lawn will save up to two-thirds of the cost of buffalo grass sod.

Remember that buffalo grass is not suited to the following conditions:
# More than a half day of shade # Very sandy soils ( Grama Grass is better)
# Elevations greater than 6,500 to 7,000 ft. with short, cool summers. (In these areas, cool season grasses are the best. Consult your County's Agricultural Extension Agent to determine the native grasses recommended for your area or try our 'Low Work and Water' Dwarf Fescue Seed Mix). One flat of 70 plugs spaced 12" x 12" apart covers 70 sq. ft. Spaced 6" x 6" one flat covers 17.5 sq. ft.

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