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Dahlia Flower Bulbs

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Dahlias are easy to grow, and quickly return spectacular results. They make wonderful cutting flowers and are often the center of attention in a floral bouquet. Dahlia 'bulbs' are actually tubers, which grow quickly with lush, deep-green foliage. Dahlias require very little work and deliver striking, gorgeous blooms from mid-summer through frost. 'Dinnerplate Dahlias' are among the most popular selections with gardeners. These large plants deliver huge, double flowers up to 8” or 10” across.

Growing Dahlias: Plant Dahlia tubers after spring frosts in good garden soil with full sun. Dahlias must be protected from high winds, so we suggest you position them against a wall or be ready to stake them. Keep the plants well-watered and free of bugs, applying flower fertilizer as they grow. Your dahlias will be in full bloom by July or August, with the enormous flowers continuing to bloom until frost. As frost threatens, pull up the roots and trim off the stems. You can store the tubers in a cool dry place until the following spring.

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    • Dahlia Bulbs

      Named the national flower of Mexico, dahlia blooms can range from as small as 2 inches to over a foot for 'dinnerplate' varieties. They make a fantastic cut flower.

      Dahlia 'Cactus Mix'

      Dahlia 'Cactus Mix'

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      A High Country Gardens transformation by Rajesh J., Dallas, TX

      A High Country Gardens transformation by Rajesh J., Dallas, TX

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